I say Merry Christmas.

I try and look beyond the words and respect the fact that a person is wanting to share their culture, heritage and something that matters to them with me.


5 safety tips for urban homesteaders.

For the better part of my day, I am not alone in the woods or on a farm, I am living amongst other people, other ethnicities, other languages…So when I see disgraceful criminal elements encroaching on my city ‘sted, I get angry, frustrated and I hurt.

A merry & socially aware Christmas.

We have lost the true meaning of Christmas, lost it somewhere behind a smokescreen of super commercialism where multinational corporations push us to buy their products. And while the average family celebrates the birth of Christ with shiny new smartphones, conveniently unaware of the human rights violations that went into obtaining the coveted raw materials…

Keep it real. real simple.

A cup of tea sits by me while I write this, the rising steam curling, looping and contorting in infinite formations. A simplistic and charming occurrence just to watch, despite the fact I am overly complicating this medium on a laptop, a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper would do just fine to write…

Fighting against the mega-industry.

… ” I say defy them, cook at home, plan a couple meals, eat with your family, talk and enjoy the food and conversation, forget about the clock. And as far as I know a slow cooker is pretty convenient to leave on low all day while you’re at work. ” …