[A short] summer reflection.

… The challenges we’ve taken on this season are nothing short of hard work and pushing us to new levels gaining knowledge and strength …


Lessons from Copper’s escape.

It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes that I was in the front yard, 10-whole minutes, but I guess a lot could happen in 10 minutes — I mean a flash flood, a volcanic eruption, the apocalypse — and even your dog could run away.

[When] I stopped dining out.

“… What we are afraid of is people losing tradition — forgetting how to cook — not caring enough to cook their own food …”


{The morality of eating}

Where do morals come in — aspects like love, respect, truth, their often overlooked in our food system, but needed, because our current system is unfair and unsustainable.


Lard is Back! [Part 2]

“…But looking back to pre-20th century, lard was immensely important and the fat was regarded just as highly as the meat of the hog. Like most things lard was probably discovered by accident, but eventually made its way into kitchens all across Europe, the Americas and China. Slaughtering the hogs was a chore usually done in autumn and no part of this valuable animal was ever wasted…”


Lard is back ! [Part 1.]

“… In recent years there’s been a resurgence or rebirth of lard, this amazing pork product now has an artisan following. People are discovering through farmers markets and CSAs that lard, well, it’s got more of a health kick to it than vegetable shortenings …”


Honest homesteading & Harvey Dunn.

Dunn captured the essence, the key fundamental of homesteading, whether in a rural setting, cityscape, apartment or anywhere for that matter; he understood it’s challenging magnitude. And maybe that’s what keeps us at it everyday, perhaps even the reward.