{The morality of eating}


Homemade oatmeal bread.

I doubt that many people would believe me if I espoused the fact that eating is a moral act.

What if I then said the decisions we make about the food we put into our bodies not only affect the eater in the present moment of consumption, but has a profound ripple affect that can be felt around the globe. Any believers yet?

When we consider the manner in how our food is farmed, raised, processed and transported, then we can declare we’re a bit more aware of the circumstances surrounding the mystery of how our dinner ultimately arrives on our plates.

When the day comes where you have met with your farmer, when you see, touch and speak to the animals you will eventually consume, you will have a deeper understanding of how much effort is put forth in food production.

When, finally, you plant or raise your own food and livestock, you will then realize how much heart, soul, thought, prayers, grit and determination and how in tune with our mother earth you must be in order to eat. Then you will truly respect the food you consume.


Lattice crust, peach pie.

Food choices have a profound impact on our global community. When you eat food that is grown with the use of pesticides you promote and perpetuate the degradation of our planet. When you eat meat from animals that have lived in unsavory conditions, raised inhumanely in a concentrated animal feed operation, you’re not acting in the best interest of those animals that are sacrificing their lives for us.

If humanely raised meat is not available we should not consume meat at all. It’s not ethical to support corporations that treat beings, with feelings and souls just as ours, disrespectfully as a mere commodity.

When our food has to be transported that pollutes our earth and increases fuel consumption, which in turn pushes the need for more fuels, digging deeper and going to more extremes to get the scant few resources left on our planet just to transport food.

Where do morals come in — aspects like love, respect, truth, their often overlooked in our food system, but needed, because our current system is unfair and unsustainable.

When we consider developed nations like us should be encouraging programs like Fair Trade, the Non-GMO Project, and developing a sustainable lifestyle, we’re lagging behind and encouraging corporations to manage these aspects in their products. And these industries are not doing too well at these aspects, because the bottom line is, well, their bottom line!

So when we got the politics and private interest out of our food, and we stop treating food as a commodity and something nourishing to be shared with friends and family, we’ll know why eating is a moral act.


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