5 tips for snow removal !


I was not surprised by the amount of snow, I mean I live in Syracuse, one of the snowiest places in the continental US. But what to do with the tonnage of snow that was dumped on us has got me scratching my head.

As we snowblowed and shoveled our way out of the heavy lake effect snow, blanketing our neighborhood, we once again saw the sidewalk, the driveway and the front steps. After I put the roof rake to work pulling and tugging the snow from the roof, we once again saw our house. But only as more snow drifted around in the icy breeze.

So while digging out from under “winter’s gift,” I came up with some ideas about how to clear and store all this excess snow.


Keep snow away from your home’s foundation. If you get a thaw day or days your basement could take the brunt of the warm-weather melt by taking on water. A wet or basement can lead to further troubles down the road.

Don’t shovel or plow snow back in the street. When a municipal plow truck comes along it’s going to plow your driveway, you spent the last 45 minutes clearing, back in with heavy, dirty, slushy snow. So it’s best to store snow someplace other than the street.

Don’t pile it mile high. It may look cool to have a white mountain in your front yard, but large accumulating piles of snow can block your vision when you’re driving or pulling your vehicle in and out of your home. Try and spread snow out evenly in your front yard, or check with your neighbors who may let you shovel or blow it in their yard.

No snow left on steps. Clearing snow from your steps is important, it will repeatedly melt and freeze leaving a thick layer of ice. Stairs are especially dangerous in the winter, maintenance is essential.

Leave room for pets. If you don’t clear a path or at least a little area for pets they may relieve themselves on your porch, patio or deck and you don’t want to step out into any surprises. Winter is rough enough!

How do you get rid of all snow where you live?


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