Oregon standoff & our broken system.


The armed militia, which has taken control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, is the problem we’re facing here in America. This renegade group of antiquated dinosaurs is looking to inspire the wrong revolution.

These would-be revolutionaries are not standing up for the progress of America, but for people who want to take the country in the wrong direction, like federally convicted arsonists, Dwight Hammond Jr., and his son Steven. The father and son ranchers were convicted in connection with a series of fires spreading from their property onto federal lands, a focal point in the militia’s standoff.


In one case the government believes the Hammond’s set land ablaze hiding evidence of an illegal deer hunt. In another instance the feds say a fire was intentionally lit, while a burn ban was in place, to protect livestock feed from a wildfire.

The group calling themselves, the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, claims to be taking a stand for ranchers against a “tyrannical government.” Where the militants have issue is mostly with federal grazing land rights and the costs ranchers incur leasing from the federal government.


Interestingly, however, the Hammond’s have not indicated any sort of support regarding the Malheur standoff. They’re currently serving their sentences quietly.

Then step in the Bundy brothers, Ammon and Ryan, and their cohorts in possession of the wildlife refuge — a publicly held entity — owned by the local community. The Bundy’s have a reputation of creating potentially violent situations like this.

The brothers, and other militia types, holed up on their father’s ranch in Nevada in 2014 in another standoff situation, again over cattle grazing rights, where they claim the group had snipers trained on federal agents. The reason; their father, Cliven Bundy, owes at least a $1 million to the federal government in leasing fees and refuses to pay so the feds took possession of his cattle.


[Left] Ammon Bundy [Right] Ryan Bundy

The CCF’s plan is to divvy up the comprising lands of Malheur, giving it to ranchers, logging and mining companies. The lands they’re squatting on are in the public’s trust, not for corporate profit. The idea these maniacs would just turn over the 187,000 acres to money hungry industrial corporations is un-American. The wrong revolution.

The militants explain that they’re taking a stand for ranchers against the US government and a broken, expensive system of leasing grazing land. A just, worthwhile cause; I know ranching is not an easy career and comes with a multitude of expenses, raising hundreds, thousands of cattle along with land leases.

But that’s essentially where it all breaks down, where the ranchers fail. They don’t see that it’s time to downsize; time to change. Start a smaller operation, stop leasing from the government, raise sustainable local grass-fed animals selling the product locally. Growing better, not bigger.


That’s the revolution they could be shooting for. The CCF, proponents and many of these ranchers are supporting a military industrial complex based on a petroleum economy, neither sustainable nor holistic.

The animals these ranchers raise eventually find their way to the feedlots of the western US. While in horrid confines of the CAFO, a concentrated animal feeding operation, cattle are fed a highly subsidized, [petroleum] pesticide laden GMO-grain diet.

The “beefers” are then transported to slaughterhouses, where illegal-alien employees, being paid poverty wages, dissect the beast — sending the tasty bits and morsels to a grocery store near you via a system extremely dependent on fossil fuels and cheap, near slave, labor.

The sooner ranchers, the Bundy’s and the federal government realize they are working against themselves and contributing to the problems we face in America. The sooner they’ll realize this supposed revolution is invalid, and what we need is a revolution from a broken, yet powerful, system.


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