A merry & socially aware Christmas.


We have lost the true meaning of Christmas, lost it somewhere behind a smokescreen of super commercialism where multinational corporations push us to buy their products.

And while the average family celebrates the birth of Christ with shiny new smartphones, conveniently unaware of the human rights violations that went into obtaining the coveted raw materials and the virtual slave labor that went into producing that oh-so handy gadget, many more consumers are putting themselves in excessive debt for that perfect Christmas gift that says I love you so much I maxed out my charge card.

And for Christ’s sake why should we feel down on ourselves for wondering if we got people enough gifts? I’d like to know when did the amount of crap we get someone add up to the sum of how much we care about each other?

When I say we have lost the meaning of Christmas, I am not saying that it’s all about a religious narrative. But there are other things we should bear in mind that produce the magic and love of the season — the true meaning — like loving each other, not by buying one another gifts, but by showing so, giving dad a hug, grandma a kiss, deeds over words and presents. Think about buying a complete stranger coffee, cook dinner for a friend or sing a Christmas carol even if you cant hold a note or carry a tune.

But most importantly just be aware that there are forces out there altering the meaning of Christmas and transforming it into just another consumer holiday. So for once let’s have a conscious christmas.

Just know that behind the present from uncle Bill, the gift from grandma, or the goodies from aunt Tilly there is a trail. Many of the items we give as gifts were made in factories where workers can’t garner the same respect as others in industrialized nations.

So while we’re celebrating the Christmas holiday opening gifts under our sprawling balsam fir with a warm cup of cocoa held with two hands, we’re far removed, in that moment, from the factory workers cranking out our first-world Christmas gifts on Christmas Day for a few meager cents an hour.

Let’s spread the cheer, the love, the magic of the season by doing something wonderful for someone else. Let your presents be compassion, kindness and your own good will.

How are you spreading the joy of the season?


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