Keep it real. real simple.

A cup of tea sits by me while I write this, the rising steam curling, looping and contorting in infinite formations. A simplistic and charming occurrence just to watch, despite the fact I am overly complicating this medium on a laptop, a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper would do just fine to write down my thoughts.

Perchance I could break it down even further and through the gift of oration I could inform someone about why we need to slow down, simplify and appreciate the small, simple and everyday things in our lives.


Katie eating peanut butter.

One of my favorite things to watch is, well, watching Katie, my golden retriever, eating organic peanut butter. It’s by far one of the most interesting and cutest things I know of. And so willingly, each time I offer it to her, she goes for the peanut butter on the tip of my finger.

She comes up to my hand, with her equivalent of a dog smile, and licks it off simply enough, then for about the next five to 10 minutes she sits there smacking her gums and sticking her tongue out.

Probably because the peanut butter is stuck to the roof of her mouth. I just look at her and smile, pour a little of my glass of milk in a saucer and give her some, it’s the best solution I know for a sticky peanut butter mouth, human or canine.

Why do I like this? It’s because, well, it’s just a moment of bliss in an otherwise chaotic, fast paced, and extreme world, which we all live in. And it’s refreshing to just take a step back and realize how something so simple can bring me sweet joy.


Copper, one of life’s joys.

After a few minutes Katie and I will move on to the next room, we’ll meet up with her brother golden retriever, Copper, and we’ll play a little music, which is so underestimated as a mood enhancer. The three of us choose Jackson Browne’s Solo Acoustic album and we drift into chill mode.

Music can be such a potent enlivener, a soothing relaxant or bring you to another realm in your imagination. It’s extremely thought provoking and a means to move your mind and spirit and it’s easily accessible. Honestly, music just makes me feel good and stirs my soul.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really need much to get by. The company of loved ones, passion for life and just a moment or two every day to enjoy being alive.

How far will this get me? Well, damn, I’m not quite sure, but after 33 years I think I have finally come to understand what’s truly important. Stepping into the ocean on bright day, scratching my head in wonder at how an ancient ruin was built, eating breakfast, saying a quiet prayer to myself.

Moments, just moments.


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