Fighting against the mega-industry.


I’m just a little confused I guess, so I m hoping someone can tell me why there must be an industry for every aspect of life. Look it, there’s a food industry, music, clothing industry, retail, electronics industry. The list grows and grows and you know what, the thought kind of disheartens me.

I just don’t know why everything has to be done on such an alarmingly huge scale. We all know profits, profits, profits. I’ll give them that, but I don’t see any of these major corporate industries making my life much better or easier. We’re bombarded with suggestive advertising telling us to  buy all these products we don’t need, which are supposed to make our lives, miraculously, so much greater.

So let’s ask ourselves, what has the food industry done for me or any of us really? You can say they have made food more affordable, right. Not really though, because what they’re selling us is a bunch of subsidized, cheap processed food that when broken down really isn’t food at all, more or less just rearranged molecules of corn and flavor enhancers.

The industry likes to sell us the idea that the food they’re selling is more affordable, but really it’s not, after you take in to account the public health costs, personal health costs, corporate subsidies from the government, not to mention the fossil fuel consumption, and the moral costs. It doesn’t really sound all that cheap to me anymore.

Maybe it’s time to be part of a different system. One that’s not run by big businesses only looking at the bottom line. A system run by us growing and raising foods for us, taking back control of our lives. As these mega-industries have proven time and time again they’re not looking out for consumers.

The medical industry is waging war against cancer with a vast array of medications and  expensive chemotherapy sessions fighting the deadly disease. And for decades they have continued this type of after-the-fact treatment.

Where was and where is the public awareness campaign saying there’s a correlation between cancer and our diet, which for many of us is under control by the fast food industry. Perhaps if there was a system of checks and balances from the medical industry to big food and vice versa, big food wouldn’t be peddling food-like foods as foods, including some of their petroleum based ingredients.

But then the medical industry wouldn’t have millions of drugs for all of the health ailments stemming from processed foods, and the big food companies wouldn’t have the much needed antibiotics for factory farms.

See the symbiosis here. One would not survive without the other, but it’s a flawed, corrupt integration. No one benefits but the CEOs of these big corporations and we get sick.

Some say there are no alternatives and we have to accept the products we’re given or some people don’t know any different. At that point consumers need to know it is possible to opt out of the current system.

There are options, join others growing their own food, support local farmers and CSAs who are growing responsible organic [real] food. And raising animals in humane ways for meat and milk. Learn how to preserve chemical free food. Make your dollar count, real food is affordable food.

Start smaller, think smaller. Food and our daily lives need not be dictated by a corrupt, outdated industry, when we can do what we need for ourselves. Big food just doesn’t want us too, they’ve got us married to “convenience food.” But it’s only convenient for them.

I say defy them, cook at home, plan a couple meals, eat with your family, talk and enjoy the food and conversation, forget about the clock. And as far as I know a slow cooker is pretty convenient to leave on low all day while you’re at work.

I know, I know, we’ll always need cell phones and computers, paper products and medication and clothing. But let’s join forces with ethical, responsible companies to change the marketplace, make it more sustainable and inclusive for other companies that reflect values we believe in.

As someone special to myself has taught me, “Never settle.”


4 thoughts on “Fighting against the mega-industry.

    • Some would say that meat free is the best and only way to go. I don’t. I feel meat is pushed on us by the industry, corporations flood the market with cheap subsidized meat and it’s cheaper than fruits and vegetables, something like hotdogs, not nutrient dense at all. But I see the flip side, I would pay a higher premium to eat meat less often, meat that is a high quality and raised sustainably and ethically. I don’t know about you, but I know my meat, I have seen it living I have held it when it was young and seen it grow and mature. And I know up until it’s last breath it was treated as a beautiful living creature that it is.


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