Jeff Goldblum & my tomatoes.


Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park (1993)

Jeff Goldblum said it best in 1993 in the blockbuster hit Jurassic Park. His quirky character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, a skeptic of the dinosaur safari park from the onset, said, “Life finds a way.”

Referring to the fact that despite the park’s scientists attempts at controlling mother nature, they could never, because nature is preconditioned to survive. And when and where we least expect it, we will see nature thriving.

Along the side of the highway, popping right out of the blacktop pavement there’s little weeds that found life in tiny little fissures of the roadway. The most polluted lake in the country, miles from my home, is now a haven for bald eagles, unheard of a decade ago. The eagle population now swelling from the renewed lake cleanup efforts.

And growing right now in my front yard garden are four little “wild” tomato plants, sprung to life from the stray seeds of a dropped tomato. Yes, when we least expect it, “Life will find a way.”

"Wild" tomatoes growing.

“Wild” tomatoes growing.

I hadn’t even noticed these little plants until a couple days ago, I looked and saw four tomato plants about a foot high. They found life.

In a unique way life will come to all of us. We may not see the signs in front of us saying we’re being offered a chance. I know I have missed many of these signs, signals and cues in my life. I, like many people, may not have been looking so hard, chasing mirages in thin air. Like money, things, people that don’t matter.

But I have learned to look past those material aspects of life, focusing on the signs I need to translate for myself. At one point I wasn’t sure how to incorporate a simple life into my life, it’s just so convoluted with the traditional corporate job, car, house.

But when I went to the island of Crete for the first time, I read the signs life was providing me. I looked to the Aegean ideas of simplicity, how do these people live such a happy simplistic life?

An Old World Town. Chania, Crete.

An Old World Town. Chania, Crete.

Well, quite frankly, it is pretty simple. Fresh local foods, family, no big expensive SUVs, they may work, they may work a little or, well, they may not – living self-sufficiently with a family garden a few goats and chickens. But most importantly these hospitable islanders get the best out of life every single day. Living life to the fullest with good food, drink, friends and family and nature.

So I grasped and seized that ideal simple life. Took it in mentally, spiritually and in deed, working it into my quest of becoming a spiritual, self-reliant, sustainable urban homesteader.

Forgive me as I personify, but you know what? Those little tomato seeds saw it. They saw life, yes, right there in my front yard garden. They reached out for their opportunity. Their opportunity to grow, just as we all should do.

In effect, we are all seeds. And we are all waiting for optimal conditions to grow and make our lives greater. Life will eventually show us our way and we will find our way.


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