My raw milk life cycle.

Raw milk in a Ball jar.

Raw milk in a Ball jar.

The grass of the dairy cow pasture shimmers, reflecting the afternoon sun. Standing in the field with her calf, a brown swiss gobbles up the fresh clover. She’s eating like a machine, but pausing every so often to look up at me.

Here the cows have room to roam in the warm sun, eating at their leisure in peace. This is Grey Rock Farm.

I’ve written about Grey Rock before, it’s my local CSA where I get fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and raw milk. And their milk? Delicious. Fresh, creamy, thick and natural.

But it’s not just great tasting, raw milk packs a nutritive punch for our bodies. Offering us beneficial proteins and enzymes like lysozyme and lactoperoxidase, which can help fend off harmful bacteria.

The good bacteria in raw milk are still alive and kicking, not killed off the by pasteurization process. So these tiny microbes may help people who are lactose intolerant to be able to digest the raw milk.

Red clover, some of what grass-fed cows eat.

Red clover, some of what grass-fed cows eat.

This milk is the food of our forefathers and mothers. It’s truly what was eaten for centuries before pasteurization came along. Raw milk, just like the gorgeous cows and bucolic land it comes from, is natural and good. A whole food derived from our earth.

At Grey Rock the cows, earth and we all fit into a life cycle. The brown swiss eat the grasses and clover from the farmland, then replenish what they take by fertilizing the field. We drink the milk, and support the CSA, and our farmer friends take loving care of the cows, land and other animals.

I’m grateful for this cycle, the cows, the farm and the raw milk with all its beneficial properties. Such as conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, an Omega-6 fatty acid. Which helps as an immune system booster, and can remove belly fat and stimulates muscle growth. CLA is also three to five times more abundant in raw milk than in the industrial ag farms’.

Extra fresh.

Extra fresh.

Sometimes I think I can taste the grass and red clover in the milk. The taste is fresh, sweet and reminds me of summer. I like the fact it comes in a glass Mason jar. Simple. Unique.

I like the fact I am able to visit the cows, touch them and know that they’re happy. I like the fact I know my farmers, and I love the fact I am part of this positive life cycle.


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