Creekside thoughts.

I needed a moment of clarity. A chunk of time and space set aside only for me. A long work day in the sun, away from home, warranted a point of reflection for myself.


And where I found myself was alone in the woods. Seeking refuge from a world too overworked, too technical, and distracted with meaningless things. And this evening I chose to replace it all with calling birds, hollow logs, and the cool water of Schoharie Creek.

My place of solace, tucked away in upstate N.Y., are the remote forests and parks of Schoharie County. While staying in this rural region of New York State, at times I feel I’m living a series of Norman Rockwell pictures. Here everyone says hello, they remember who you are, name, and what you ordered for lunch yesterday.


But even the small town social graces, that, that can be too much for me. I needed to decompress, a side-step away from people, paved roads, loud cars, and conversations. A break from this life. I needed to be somewhere I truly belong.

My next step was trudging through the woods, over logs, stepping over wild flowers, and rousing, deer, birds, chipmunks and squirrels. I was headed to the creek, ready to listen to what the it had to tell me.

Holding firmly to a couple of saplings, I slid down the bank of the creek to its stony shore. Found a large rock and sat, dippingmy bare feet into the rushing water.

I listened to each little current and rapid. Each greeted me. I Felt the water around my feet, and heard the creek say hello. I felt comfort in its cool and wet embrace as it wrapped around my akles. The water flowing, swirling and twisting against rocks with little bubbles and gurgles all saying welcome this is where you belong right now. Take this time for yourself.


This was nature, the earth, talking to me. So I spoke back nd thanked the creek for this moment peace. And I sat; sat and thought about my journey. Am I doing what I want do? Living for me? Am I truly satisfied? Are any of us satisfied?

I sat and wondered for a while. Thought about my choices, where I am, what I need, what I truly want from life. Though I sat wondering a while, I didn’t really find the answers to those questions. However, I was content on the thoughts and questions I raised.

We should all sit and wonder sometimes. Asking ourselves am I fulfilled, is my soul happy, why am I doing what I’m doing. Just a moment of reflection sometimes can be so empowering.


So I thanked the creek for this soothing time of clarity. And I was on my way wondering. Wondering what’s next for me.


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