Early rise: My morning with the sun.


The crisp yellow rays of the early morning sun fain slightly as they hit the shear window curtains. The light becoming softer and more muttled. The alarm has 15 minutes to go before it sounds off. And look now, wide awake am I, up with the sun!

Rising early. Easiest stated as not for everyone. Usually, I’m a nightowl. Up until about 3 or 4 a.m. working. Generally, I would say I wake up just in time for brunch, but for the last week there’s been a sleep shift.

Awake now, 5:30 a.m., I have forgotten how beautiful my breath is as it twirls round and levitates in the chilly morning air. Walking the dogs this early day, I feel inspired not by the time of which I rose, because time has no real meaning, except that which we give it. But, I feel inspired by the dew on the long-stem tulips, the peeking shafts of sunlight through houses along the way, and how the little buds on the trees dangle, giving me thoughts of leafy green trees springing with life.

Waking with nature inspires me more than waking for the sake of keeping a social obligation. Such as rising for the purpose of getting ready for work. To walk outside and be first to see the warm sun break up the cloud cover gives me hope. And the thought that I too can chase clouds from my life.

I feel in tune with myself and with the world when I rise to see the sun in its full splendor. The transition from darkness to light symbolic to my journey. In stride, step by step, I emerge into the light – onward to greater meaning and purpose.


As I continue walking the dogs other people emerge to share the day. We pass each other on the sidewalk, say hello, our dogs also share a greeting as we pass along. I wonder, does this occassion share the same meaning to them? Are they captivated by this beautiful morning also? I hope they are. I hope it gives them the same inspiration as it gives me. Because it’s an immensely significant time for myself, a moment of reflection where I feel meaning. I’m being given a gift, a presentment of time that actually matters. Where I have a connection to the universe. It’s a time just for me to feel my own personal sense of joy and contentment.

We’re nearly home, the dogs and I, our walk coming to a close. I glance skyward, noticing some billowy and shapely clouds are edging in on the sun. The early light somewhat hazy now. Our sun on its own journey across the sky faces challenges just as we all do.


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