Katie’s story.


Mouth open. Tongue to the side. Eyes bright. Katie gives me what I truly believe is the equivalent of a dog smile.

In sharing my life with her for the last four years, she now being 8, we’ve had opportunities to confide with one another, console, and share wonderful memories together. And I couldn’t imagine life without Katie and her brother Copper.

She officially came into my life on a snowy, rainy, and all-around slushy December afternoon. The weather had been miserable all day. And Sally, from the golden retriever rescue, had just dropped by to finalize Katie’s adoption process. She left a large manilla folder, containing vet records, grooming invoices; and what’s this I wondered, holding a paper to the light of a window. It’s Katie’s litter record.

Katie Dog, sister, friend

Dog, sister, friend

The names I’m reading oddly familiar. Breeder. Sire. Dam. They were all the same. All the same as my other golden, Copper. No, is it true? Katie and Copper; biological siblings? Born two years apart? How; what are the chances. I just kind of burst out laughing.

Twisting fate, as Katie so often does, I learned she was separated from her sister, who lives happily in another loving home. But in the end Katie found herself with family. And these two goldens behave like true siblings.

They feed off one another. If Kate is getting a good scratch behind the ears Cop comes by and nuzzles my hand off her head – vice versa. And while Copper loves to fetch a tennis ball, well, Kate is too much of a diva to play fetch. She would rather just munch on the summer grass of the backyard.

She also has bad breath. Picks up dead creatures and brings them to me. And she snores, really, really loud. But I accept all of that because of one thing. She’s my family. And forever she will be.

You know, she’s also the first to greet me when I come home late from a long day at work. She makes me smile on a car ride as she looks out the window passing the world by. I remember her at Critz Farms making friends with a little goat. Her sweet, gentle demeanor wins over many hearts.

She’s just Katie. A sister. My dog. My friend. Sweet Katie.


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