The soul of a seedling.

Kale seeds

Kale seeds

They all look a little bit different. They have their own distinct features. Contours. Rugged lines. And a little soul deep inside.

Seeds make up our world. As with them, there’s a soul buried within each of us. And it too is searching for its place in the sun.

A couple weeks back I planted some seeds. Not yet past the last frost, I started them indoors, and when the plants are little more developed, they’ll eventually make it out to the garden.

Swiss chard seeds

Swiss chard seeds

But each day I devote a little bit of myself to their development. Whether it’s watering them, rotating the container so they all get some sunshine. I even have a few names for some of them. Greeny, tall guy, and Dale the kale are a few of my plants names.

When I give a little bit of myself to them, nurturing. I grow a along with the swiss chard and kale. They become an extension of myself, I believe in them. Thus I believe in myself.

These tiny, vulnerable little life forms give me confidence. If I help them grow, and develop in to full-fledged plants, then I have succeeded. Ultimately, I’ll gain the confidence to take on many more tasks no matter the degree of difficulty.

Swiss chard seedlings

Swiss chard seedlings

The growth of these seedlings is a process. And they’re alive just as much as we are. Wanting like we are to develop and thrive. Their little green souls thirst for the sun and the beauty of life.

Just as our soul wants brightness, love, and fulfillment. We are not above these tiny plants, nor are we much different. We are living beings on life’s journey together – growing, facing challenges. And we’re all living in this world together.


3 thoughts on “The soul of a seedling.

  1. It’s great to nurture seedlings. Typically in the second month of spring my entire back porch is covered with the tiny little things waiting to be transplanted to their new homes 🙂

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