A change of season.


The wind blows through the tall pines in the backyard. Swaying, the mighty boughs creek in the wind. Rain came down all day, transitioning to light snow in the evening.

Seeing my exhale come to life as dancing water vapor is amusing and beautiful, the simple way it hangs in the air then fades out reminds me of life’s metamorphosis and changes. Today I heartily appreciate the fact the temperature is above freezing, 41 degrees. Feels warm.

The once tall snow piles in the front are slowly disappearing. And the light breeze passing through brings change. Changes of season, but also the changes in us.

Transition to change is an immensely difficult pursuit. When enacting change it feels as though every force in the universe is united against me trying to prohibit it.

Please note reader, change never comes quick and if it does it’s probably short lived. In this same manner March tricks New York State. At the onset of this transitional month we can get a 50 degree day. Which may not seem warm by many standards, but after continual weeks at or below freezing, it is. Then the next thing March does is dropping the temperature back down to 19 degrees.

It’s hard to live with, but I realize a change is coming. It might not happen over night, but given time there will be change. March will wain and fade into April, eventually there will be warmth and activity again.

At the same rate, as people, we must learn that when change is wanted   it will come. Though we must work for it and help others along their journey, because the time I hit a bump in the road of my journey, which I do, I need someone there to help me.


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