Bone broth & the American dream.

5 lbs organic chicken feet.

5 lbs organic chicken feet.

The skin is wrapped so tight, looks like fused together little plateletes, almost prehistoric. Armour-like. And I just bought five pounds of them.

A few years back I never thought I would be making bone broth with chicken feet. Making it gives me an exercise in patience, a certain understanding that life takes it’s time developing. I take time in developing, just like a bone broth. In this split second reality, where we have attention spans of nano-seconds, I must wait for the broth.

With the feet I sprinkle in some seasoning. A little salt, pepper. Toss in an onion, couple carrots, and celery. And leave the slow cooker on between 18 and 24 hours. The end result is a well seasoned broth, the essence of chicken. Delicious.

Impressive nails.

Impressive nails.

It’s not difficult to equate making this broth with living life. Exchanging seasonings for experiences or life lessons. Slowly my broth cooks over time. In the same manner I live my life slowly, day by day, year by year. Slowly cooking the broth it becomes better and more flavorful, just as I gain seasoning through days, weeks and months of my life.

Change comes through life’s experiences, and we develop through the process. I had no idea I would be trying my hand at living simple, and sustainable, getting back to basics. I was always in a hurry, doing things that didn’t matter, and keeping up with the Jones’, but for what.

The reason; I was living by someone else’s rules not mine. Living someone else’s dream. Not mine. Must we have the corporate job, the house in the suburbs, and the SUV? If so, and it seems like we need it, well, maybe the American dream isn’t really my dream any more.

Just like my bone broth I’ve slowly been cooking, developing my flavor profile. And my taste, my outlook, has developed into something I find more important than made in China, over-comercialized, shiny, bits of plastic. Many see things like, phones, clothes, and cars as outweighing the importance of family, good friends, and home-cooked meals. That way, is how I once was.

Slow cooker for 18-24 hours.

Slow cooker for 18-24 hours.

I didn’t change quick given my experiences, the seasonings if you will. But I internalized and weighed ideas and values of the person I wanted to be, and the kind of life I want to live.

And here I am in the present. Living life to my fullest, appreciating the company of my closest friends and family. Enjoying living off the land as much as possible.

Slow is the course to make bone broth, it remains the course in developing the essence of life; happiness and simplicity.


3 thoughts on “Bone broth & the American dream.

  1. Great post and your broth sounds delicious. I haven’t made it with chicken feet. I will have to try that. I agree, we’re all in a hurry and we want instant gratification. It takes me three days to make sourdough bread from feeding the starter to the baking (I don’t actually do much in that time, the microbes do all the work). That may sound unappealing to some, but it just requires some planning, patience and slowing down. And the taste is worth it. There is no comparison.


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