Can’t life’s wisdom be entertainment enough?

Top of a ridge

Top of a ridge

Why do we always have to find the party? Why are we constantly feeling the need for entertainment? Games. Music. Movies. All helping us escape from reality, the moment, which is where we may actually need to be – learning life is entertainment enough.

Ringing in the new year. Celebrating. The many ways people enjoy doing this is like counting fleas on an old hound dog. So numerous. Enjoying a hike in the woods with my dogs is how I brought peace and clarity to my being for the new year. My celebration.

In the woods there’s no connection to the rest of the world, save for the air we breath together, the sky we all look upon. And the earth to which we all call home. No phone, computer, or any communication device.


Running through a meadow.

So finding myself at a huge night club, on New Years Eve, is not my ideal way of celebrating the oncoming year, but I need to make a living too. Giant glow sticks, hundreds of people dancing, djs, and live performers, topping the rowdy night. Everything that would make someone enjoy themselves, it was there. Total entertainment.

I wonder why? Why do all of us need this? All the time.

What if instead of listening to a dj remix an already overplayed song, we all took a minute and went listening to the winter wind rustle through a tall hemlock. Or the melody of the ocean slapping the sandy shoreline. What if instead of searching for our next download, we were searching for our wisdom in our world not on a search engine.

I have no ill-will against a party, I’m no prude, believe me. My issue is what we’re being handed and what we’re accepting. To me it seems like we’re being pushed to give up our endlessly beautiful and astonishing world of culture and diversity for a world of sexy, plasticy gimmicks. Which are supposed to bring us happiness.

wpid-img_0929.jpgWhen in reality our hapiness and entertainment is all around us. It’s our first visit to a museum in NYC. It’s our favorite fishing spot in southern Florida. Or it’s in listening to grandma tell the story of how she met grandpa. For the umpteenth time.

In this new year let’s explore our reality not escape from, or give it up. How about we say yes to relationships. Yes to our boundless world, and let its natural wonders be our joy and entertainment.


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